Through the Link Accounts option in Online Services, you can create a link to another account holder in Xentry.  

Click on Click to manage User Account Links in the Link Account section the main page displayed after logging in.  This link will allow you to select another account holder as the rider when registering for an event.

For the link to be completed, the other USEA account holder will need to accept your link request.
Please note that this is a one-way link.  


The example below shows that once the link account  is created, the BARN MANAGER will be able to register linked RIDERS for event. The RIDER will not have permission to act on the BARN MANAGER'S behalf.

Example:  BARN MANAGER makes a link request to a RIDER.  The RIDER accepts the link request from the BARN MANAGER.   Going forward the when the BARN MANAGER logs in as his/herself, the RIDER will be listed in the BARN MANAGER’S rider list.