USEA online services requires the originating user to give permission to another account.  To initiate a link request: 

1. Login to your USEA Online Services account and on your ‘home’ page, locate the section titled “Accounts Link Management” (Bottom left)  

2. Click on the "link your account to another USEA user" link.

3. Search - To look up the user to which you want to grant access to your account (by name or member ID), type the users name or member id and click GO. Select the user you want to grant access to your account.

 4. Check the boxes that describes the type of relationship (are they your horses' trainer/owner, your parent, etc) and then click "add this account link." 

5. Submit the account link request by clicking on the "add this account link"

6. Wait for linked user to approve the request through their login.

Once the link request has been accepted, they will be able to select you as the rider when they create an event entry using Xentry.