The interscholastic team should register with the USEA as an interscholastic team affiliate. The interscholastic team can be any group of junior riders who share a common bond - the same barns, the same school, same Pony Club, same area, etc. Junior riders may only affiliate themselves with one interscholastic team per year. There is no limit on the size of an interscholastic team.

The $75 team affiliate membership fee will be waived for the first two years of the program (through 2022). However, teams will still need to fill out an affiliate application form. Each affiliate must renew their affiliate membership every year with the USEA. All current IEL team members should also be listed on the official team roster. 

Click here to download the Interscholastic Eventing League Application Form:

Please send your affiliate application form and team roster to:
USEA Senior Director, Jennifer Hardwick at
Member Services at