Please check the size of the file and the file type.

*  Xentry won’t accept files larger that 4MB in size.
*  Only PDF and JPEG files are accepted.


If you used a scanner to create a digital image of your Coggins and both sides of the document were scanned (even if the back of the page is blank), the file size may be too large for Xentry to accept.

Check the file size of your Coggins file to see if the file is larger than 4MB:
Right click on the Coggins file.
Click on PROPERTIES in the box that pops up.
Under the GENERAL tab, look at FILE SIZE.

If the size is larger than 4MB, see below for suggestions on how to make the file smaller.
Make sure your scanner is not set to scan the both sides of the document; then rescan your Coggins document.
 Use your cellphone to take a picture of the document and save it as a small file size.

If the new file size is smaller than 4MB, try uploading the new Coggins file to Xentry.

If you are still having trouble, email for assistance.  Please attach a copy of the Coggins so that we can resize it for you.