If you already created your own Online Services account, skip to the area below the dotted  line. 

In order to complete an Esignature request, you will need a USEA Online Services account.  

There is no cost associated with creating a USEA account.  

Click on the link below and select New User?  to create an account::


After creating a USEA account, login to your child's Online Services account by clicking here:



After logging in to Online Services, in the Xentry area, click on Pending Esign Entries link.

Click on  Copy Esignature Link.  Xentry will copy the link, then you can paste the link in an email/new browser/or chat message.


Click on the link you pasted to into an email/browser/chat message.  After clicking on the link, you will be promoted to login -- be sure to login using your Online Services user name and password (not your child's).