First, click to select the division and check why there is a pre-qualification exception.  The qualification can be specific to your membership level, your horse's registration level, age and/or results.

Xentry does not hinder you from entering the division in question. No matter the reason, you can continue the division that you would like to enter and continue on with the process. You will land on the exception page that explains the reason for the error, but you can click continue onto the bottom of the page to move forward with the process.

If the qualification relies on a recent event, it is possible that the results have note been submitted to the and/or updated in USEA systems.  An event have up to 10 days to submit their official results to USEA.  If the qualification is not recent, there might be an error in our system and you can contact the USEA Xentry staff to review the issue at   It also possible that the particular division is not being pre-qualified by the USEA system.  These are marked with a question mark and not a specific 'Yes' or 'No' in the division listing.

In some cases you will see a ? instead of a yes or no. The ? means that Xentry does NOT pre-qualify for this type of division.  In the case of some area championships, we do not handle the specific qualification rules that are in place.  In the case of Schooling or Derby type of shows/events, these do not have national qualifications, as they fall in the recognized TEST category of event.