First, you must determine if you entered the using Xentry. If you did not, there is no way to pay for an event without an Xentry entry having first been created.

Second, you must determine if the event is still available for payment.  In the case of a closed event, you will need to contact the secretary to allow for a USEA staff person to pay for your entry over the phone.   You can contact the USEA staff at 703-779-0440 to take payment over the phone.

If the event is still open, use the following steps:

Log into USEA Online Services

Scroll about 2/3rds of the way down to see the following box on the right hand side.  

Click the List, Print and Pay for Your Entries link. 

On the Xentry List page, click the Details link on the entry you want to submit payment. 

Click "Submit Payment" link.

Scroll to the bottom and enter your payment details and click "Pay your Entry Fee Electronically"

You will receive a receipt to the email submitted on this form.